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Anmeldung zum Gesangswettbewerb 2020/ Application for the singing competition 2020

Anmeldung Gesangswettbewerb/ Application Singing Competition


Please fill in all the required items marked with a red star. Applicants must submit their entries in the form of two arias of their choice. Attention: If you are invited to audition, you are required to perform compulsory pieces for roles marked with *.

Personal information

If you have any videos online or an own homepage, you can tell us the URL, if you want to.

I have sung a leading role at the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg before...

I apply for the role of...

* Obligatory pieces ** Age limit abolished
* Obligatory pieces ** Age limit abolished
Concert in the "hall of mirrors" in the castle: Lieder and chants with Hammerklavier

Application documents*

Please make sure that you do not use any special characters [";=*:] in the file names! This can lead to errors in the upload.
for programs & press, 300 dpi, max. 3MB
in text form, max. 1.500 signs
max. 300MB
max. 300MB
in form of a mail-newsletter
I agree that in the context of the competition for documentation as well as in the context of the festival pictures and videos of the participants may be taken and used for publication on the homepage, in (print) publications, in the social media and may also be saved for this purpose. The photos and videos are for documentation and public relations purposes only. I am aware of the fact that photos and videos can be accessed on the Internet by any person. Despite all technical precautions, it cannot be ruled out that such persons may use the photos and videos or pass them on to other persons.